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Joinify creates turn-key custom visitor guide apps branded to match your destination's identity. We support our software with training, service and support for a flat rate.

  • Convention and Visitor Bureaus

    Create brand awareness with a custom mobile visitor guide.

    There's no place like home, put your icon on it. Lots of effort goes into branding a destination, then mercilessly subjected to a social crowd. With custom apps branded to match your destination’s identity, the app is uniquely yours and maintains the attention of visitors rather than getting lost in another distracting news feed.

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  • Destination Marketing Organizations

    Promote your destination and gain valuable insights.

    Still sending visitor guides? They get left at home anyway. With Joinify, you have a living visitor guide you can update at anytime from anywhere. Save big on printing and mailing expenses while earning valuable consumer and visitor insights through engagement.

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  • Cities and Chambers of Commerce

    Support neighborhood revitalization.

    Get into your customer's pockets. Your city guide, on their phone, in those jeans! Whether it’s a few square blocks or a few square miles, Joinify can kick off revitalization projects, promote local business awareness and serve as a hub for consumers to learn more about cities, neighborhoods and districts.

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Joinify mobile app visitor guides are designed and custom branded for CVBs, DMOs, Business Districts and Chambers of Commerce. Features include push notifications, geolocation marketing, integrated content management, consumer interaction and visitor insights.