• Geo Push Notifications

    Market where your mark is.

    Send Push Notifications to visitors who have favorited a feature, or within walking distance of a place or event. Deliver timely and engaging incentives to drive foot traffic. With segmented Push features, you can send notifications to pertinent audiences.

  • Deals + Passports

    No more paper punch cards.

    Increase customer loyalty with deals and coupons, and integrated code scanner to track all your deals in one app. Offer BOGO deals or run a city-wide scavenger hunt where visitors check in at destinations to earn a reward. Track redemptions in Insights to monitor and validate rewards.

  • Audio + Video Tours

    Show and tell, with the app.

    Provide immersive geolocated media for self-guided tours, art and historical districts, or wine walks. Audio and video media increases time spent on the app, interacting your destination’s brand. Link tours together for a guided tour along the riverwalk or show what’s next in a digital destination itinerary.

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