• Integrated Mobile CMS

    The word of the day is ubiquity.

    Joinify works on phones, tablets, phablets, laptops, desktops, and mountaintops. Provided there’s service, BYOD. Upload images and update features in real time for live updates. Features are formatted for quick and simple content editing on the fly.

  • Real Time Database

    Pull-to-refresh is so last year.

    Thanks to Google’s Cloud Platform, Joinify is lighting fast and ready to deliver. Publish content instantly and push live updates to all connected devices. Whether you’re updating an event or issuing public service announcements, there’s no time like real-time.

  • Custom Permissions

    It’s toggle heaven for control freaks.

    As admin, you can allow staff, local businesses, travel writers and public relations firms to manage content. With fine-grained control over every feature, you can delegate to reduce burdens on limited resources.

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