• App Analytics

    Check under the hood, kick the tires.

    Measure the success of your app with an overview of performance and related campaigns. See how Joinify converts and becomes a conduit for your destination’s digital marketing efforts. Run a campaign driving local business, and measure app sessions, users, campaigns and referrals.

  • Polls + Surveys

    Lemme apps you a question

    Created for live MC’d conference events, Editors can post Polls and Surveys, and get real time results. Results are calculated in the moment for up to the minute deadlines on response. Schedule surveys for time-to-run, and measure trends month to month, season to season, year to year.

  • Favorites + Itinerary

    We know where you like it.

    Get to know visitor trends and the popular places in your destination. Visitors that save features to their profile let you know what’s hot and what’s not. While there is plenty of liking to do, visitors can quickly access saved favorites and build an itinerary.

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